An app that lets blind people read.

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Many Languages

Voice can recognize and read printed materials in over 30 major langauges.

Book Mode

Take multiple pictures and Voice reads them one after another.


Easy user interface that is compatible with Voice-Over. Just switch Voice-Over on, and you're ready to go.


Special filters for producing grayscale and color documents optimized to improve the OCR results and overall reading.


Changeable the speaking speed. There are three speeds that you can choose from.

Comparable OCR

Comparable, if not better, OCR results to those of other expensive, paid services.

Integrating technology with global issues

Voice is trying to use modern day technology like Computer Vision and Optical Character Recognition to help with major global issues such as blindness.

Auto Capture

This app takes the photo for you - automatically and precisely.

Smart Cropping

Looks for documents and estimates the document area's boundary to make a decision about cropping.

Perspective Correction

Two-dimensional geometric and three-dimensional perspective distortion correction. It straightens the scanned document before it gets processed and read.

High Picture Quality

Camera matrix digital noise reduction and brightness/contrast equalization for better picture and OCR quality.

Reads By Columns

Clever vertical and horizontal column detection and column-based reading - ex: newspapers and magazines

Field of View

Says if 4 corners of the document are detected. Field of view report will help with getting a feel for how the camera actually sees documents.

Voice In Action