New Chapter With 2016

Wow, I haven’t updated this blog in years. I guess I should make it my New Year’s resolution to update it more often in 2016 than I have in all of 2015 and 2014 (which was zero times). When I originally began the blog, it was just a means through which I could express some of my random ideas, thoughts, and rants. I am going to revive those initial intentions and start writing these ideas, thoughts, and rants of mine more often.

The reason I haven’t been writing much these past two years is (mostly) because I’ve been very occupied with school and promoting Voice so I became lazy and haven’t been updating my site or blog. In fact, I haven’t even been able to code much these past few months. It has been pretty horrible.

But this year I hope to start writing more, coding more, and spending more time working on projects rather than devoting ALL of my time towards school. I don’t want my grades to drop, but I’ll just have to manage my time efficiently so that I don’t waste all my hours doing stuff for school.

While I am at it, since it is December 31st today, I might as well reflect on some of the coolest things of 2015. For me, the coolest things were promoting Voice (to many different blind institutions and blind people accross the globe) and getting the SAT over with. I loved being able to visit many blind institutions and seeing blind people use my app. It was quite fulfilling to see them benefit greatly from this free tool that I created. I’m glad Voice has been able to make such a tremendous impact in their lives and I hope to continue and expedite my efforts in 2016.

Also since it is New Years Eve today, I should probably make some resolutions. But they’re pretty pointless since they only last like .2 seconds before I forget them and continue my old ways. But just to avoid deviating from everyone else, I guess I can make some resolutions for the .2 seconds that I will follow them for. In 2016 I’d like to eat healthier (haha, no). I’d also like to read more books. Not ones assigned from school, but books that I genuinely want to and like to read. Ever since about 8th grade, I’ve stopped reading books (even those assigned from school) because I always picked something else to do that didn’t take up as much time. But when I was younger, I used to read crazy amounts of books and I’d like to revert back to that habit of reading.

Also, a lot of my free time during the summer was spent studying for the SAT, so it’s a major relief that I got that test over with. Now (hopefully) I can use my free time to work on my projects and code rather than study for some standardized test. Although I still will have to study for AP tests in May, so I have that to look forward to :-(. Any high-schooler who’s taking more than one AP will probably understand my pain and thus be able to empathize with me. But I digress. The point of this post was just to say that I will try to write more in 2016 and hopefully spend more time working on things that I like such as coding and less time studying for school and doing school stuff.

Anyway, Happy (pre) New Year and hopefully I’ll be able to do most, if not all, of the things I said up above.

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Shalin Shah

Shalin Shah I'm a high school junior living in California. I enjoy building iOS and Web apps. Besides coding, I like running, travelling, and listening to good music.